June 10, 2007

Bada Bing!!

Okay, the Sopranos finale was BRILLIANT. At first I was thoroughly disappointed because I didn't get it and knew this could not really be it. I even thought my TV turned off for a second. Hubby was so disgusted. So I jumped on the web for some answers and finally now it all makes sense. Each episode lead to this grand finale. If you put all together, it makes for a great ending.

MSN.TV had a great dialogoue going on. "The Responsible One" left this comment that pretty much sums it all up-

A) First episode Bobby describes how you don't hear it when you're killed
B) Second to last episode Tony flashes to Bobby saying you don't hear it when they're coming
C) Phil Leotardo was shot in the head in front of his family
D) The cat reminded the audience that Tony was a pretty bad guy in suffocating Christopher-
E) The psychiatrist finally realizing that Tony was a pretty bad guy
F) The perspective shift in the diner to Tony's every time the bell rang
G) The symmetry between Phil's murder scene with Tony's diner scene- Phil died in front of his family, and so did Tony. Notice, it was only after Meadow opened the door that the screen went black-Tony is finally shot.
H) The entire story arc having been Tony's, ending in silence with the death of Tony who didn't see it coming, right after the bell rang...

Apparently, last week's song at at the end of the show, the one in Italian, was about a son seeking revenge for the death of his slain father. Tony's father was killed in a diner and now, so was Tony.

Even if none of these theories are true, it's still brilliant that David Chase left it so that we would second guess, make these innuendos and leave us searching for answers from previous episodes.

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!


Justice Fergie said...

Ok, now I can't even check our blog today because I had to miss The Sopranos last night and am going to watch it tonight On Demand!! So I didn't even read your post - I hope I'm able to make it through the day without hearing what happened!!

Justice Fergie said...

So I just watched it and I agree with your hubby. I get what you're saying but it was still wack. I needed to see a big finale.

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