May 24, 2007

Gretel & Gretel

Chatterbox and Giggles have the unfortunate habit of eating their food/snacks all throughout the house. yes yes, I realize it's my fault. As you can imagine, this is causing extra cleanup for mom because there are inevitably cracker remnants, popsicle drippings and the occasional grape in all possible nooks and crannies of my house. And since we bought a pretty new carpet for the girls' room yesterday, it would just break my heart to see it a stained mess by Tuesday. Clearly I need to institute a No Snack Zone Policy for all rooms except for the kitchen and maybe their play area. How do you all handle this? Do you have a No Snack Zone Policy?

I can't take the trail of crumbs anymore. And besides, if they get hungry outside of the Snack Zone, they can always gnaw on the gingerbread walls.
*Updated to add:
And since Jenibeans is a pic of the carpet. Ain't it adorable? It's great quality. And a steal.


Susan said...

We buy lots and lots of Spot Shot.

Susan at Working Moms Against Guilt

JeniBeans said...

We have a rule at our house that if they are eating...or even just still chewing their food they must remain at the table...UNLESS they are in the kitchen. That's still an acceptable spot to leave crumbs, since it needs sweeping ALL the time!

What's the carpet look like?

Justice Fergie said...

Spot Shot!? THANKS Susan. I'm on it.

And...funny you should ask Jenibeans. I just so happen to have a pic handy :)

Justice Jones said...

Nice rug!
No wet snacks except at the table, and only Oldest can eat other snacks in the living room and only if he is sitting.

JeniBeans said...

Oh WOW, Fergie! That is SWEET! From TARGET, eh? hmmmmm. It would look great in my daughters room. It has lavender walls with all the trim white and white wicker furniture. heheheheh I doubt I can afford it since I have a birth to pay for though. lol

Thanks for sharing the picture!!!!!!!!! It's so CUTE!

the wooden porch said...

How beautiful!!! :-)

We used to lay down the law about no eating in any room but the kitchen, but lately I've relaxed a bit. I need to enforce it once again. I hate the crumbs too.

Anonymous said...

I HEART that rug!

Most food is to be eaten at the table. NO food by children in the living room. Some not so messy snacks are ok in the family room. Sweetpea's sippy is the only drink allowed away from the table.

Now to teach the dogs that.

Mimi Lenox said...

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Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

We confined eating to the kitchen or outdoors. I bent the rule for once when the girls had friends over, because there wasn't enough room at the table. The oldest boy was allowed to eat his pizza in the living room, and voila' - you guessed it - the pizza landed "face down" on the new carpet! I cleaned it up in a hurry, but after that the kids weren't allowed to eat in the living room until they were about 16 or so, and that was just popped corn or chips. (Dry snacks).

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