April 01, 2007

Shall We Dance?

What is it about putting on a pretty dress that makes a girl want to put some dancing music on and get jiggy with it? Daughter LOVES wearing "peety dresses" and getting all dolled up. Today I put on one of her new dresses for church, fixed her hair all "peety" and she was soooooo excited. All she wanted to do was dance and twirl around her skirt. So she turns her CD player on, and starts doing a "ballet routine" to her lullabies. It was too funny! And she was really dancing. She was having a great time. She picked her own shoes out too. I love to dance too, so I took the party to the living room, put on some dance music, and we had a blast.

It's almost 4:30 pm, the girl is napping in her dress. She loves it! It's going to be a battle at bedtime.


Justice Fergie said...

how sweet!! i love that your daughter is a true "girly-girl." and i know she just was elated when mommy joined in. we often have dance parties in the girls' room. it's a blast. who knew you could rock out to "A Tisket, A Tasket"?

Oldest has been a tomboy until recently. Lately though she has been into making everyone "pwetty." Yesterday's victim was hubby. He walked around all morning with assorted bows in his hair courtesy of Oldest. I was dying to take a picture for the blog but decided against it for obvious reasons :-)

Justice Jones said...

How cute! The things Daddy's do for their girls. And next time it happens, take a picture for the family album, at least!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Those are the best times! I love dancing with my kids. Especially when they shake it...it's hilarious! Such fun!

tAnYeTTa said...

Toooo cute! I love it. :)

Justice Ny said...

My ladybug is a girlie girl with me and a tomboy with daddy. She too dances to everything (doesn't matter what) and I find myself making a fool of myself - but who cares!!!! It's so much fun and she loves it!!!!!

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