April 09, 2007

I Never Thought I'd See the Day When a Show on MTV Would Make Me Cry...

Did anybody watch the season premiere of "Run's House"? I just loved that show's first season. When I heard last year that Run & Justine's baby died at birth I was devastated. Watching their close-knit, fun-loving family during the first season made it feel like you "knew" them. I didn't think they would continue with the show because of what happened...but they did. And this first episode of the new season shows right before, and right after, Justine gave birth. So sad. But they way they handled the tragedy is so heartwarming. So if you get a chance to see a re-run (no pun intended), watch it! Actually, I think you can watch it online too.

And now back to the mindless drivel MTV calls original programming.



tAnYeTTa said...

I love Run's house. :)

p.s. new topic===

Everytime I see the 'stop voting for me' on your blog about sanjaya i pee myself just a little! you are sooooooo funny!!!!!!

Justice Ny said...

I did not see it....was that last night? Shoot....I love Run's House (they are so funny) and I wanted to see that episode. I will definitely look for the re-run.

Big Mama said...

I'd never seen the show, but saw them on Oprah and loved them. I'm adding it to my must see T.V. list. for sure.

Justice Jones said...

Darn, I missed it!

Justice Fergie said...

tanyetta, you crack me up!

the rest of you guys have to see it, you'll love them.

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