March 30, 2007

The Power of ONEsie

Whether you're a WOHM or whether your hubby is the one that works, you know that the paid family leave benefits that are available to working parents are few and far between. Here's a fun and easy way that you can help make a change:

Contribute a onesie to MomsRising's campaign supporting PAID family leave. You can either decorate your own onesie and send it in or just pay MomsRising to do it. You can even make a party out of it! (any excuse...) Your onesie will join a chain of thousands in a giant Mother's Day display--and possibly more in the future. Learn more at

Do your kids have the book "Urban Babies Wear Black"? It pokes fun at the uber-chic city parenting stereotypes. A friend gave it to my daughters and it's so cute.


Justice Jones said...

The book sounds really cute! I'll have to look for it. Do they have a book on Country babies? Ha, ha.

Justice Fergie said...

I'm not sure, MAMA! :-)

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