March 12, 2007

Do Not Wake Me if I'm Dreaming!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! It has taken me this long just to gather my thoughts, finally check email and check the blog! I see I missed the Blog party. Sounds like it was a hit! Who wore what? How was the food? And the drinks? Can't wait to see the pictures! *wink.

My birthday was awesome. I had such a wonderful time. I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, great friends and a beautiful family. My husband deserves a gold medal for all that he did. I have already decided I will be turning 30 for about the next 10 or 15 years. If I could just relive the past 9 days over and over again, I would be happy:)

It all started with a surprise trip, planned by Hubby, to Orlando last Friday to do some shopping just for yours truly. We took a break mid-day, enjoyed a great lunch over a bottle of wine, took our time eating dessert and then hubby was ready for another go around. I couldn't believe it! And, he did not even complain one time the whole day! We ended the day with dinner and then hit the road to go back home.

When we got a home, my best friend was there visiting from ATL. We caught up, got ready and left the house way too late for an old woman like me (11:00). Then it was a crazy-wild-one-last-time before-your-30 night on the town. I have not had that much girl fun probably since I turned 21. Lets just say the next day I did not wake up until noon and only because hubby had more things planned and I had to hit the hair salon. Otherwise, I would have looked like a crazy woman who just got in from a crazy-wild-you-are-too-old-for-this-type-of-stuff night on the town.

That evening, I knew something was planned, just didn't know what. After going here and there, getting a drink, ordering some apps, we finally arrived at one of my favorite restaurants in town. There, a surprise dinner was planned, again, by hubby. I was greeted by about 25 of my family and friends. Some of whom even traveled all the way from ATL and Tampa just for one night on the town with me! How great!! I got to see my favorite cousin, some close friends, and of course, my friends and family from in town. I was really surprised. I have not seen my cousin in almost two years! Then, I was showered with even more gifts! Again, I could not believe it. (I think I said, "I can't believe it" about 100 times the whole week). I felt like a little girl turning 10 (prior to this birthday, my 10th was my favorite. I remember I had a beautiful princess cake made by my Godmother and I had on a beautiful dress and fancy shoes- it was the best!). Then about 10 of us went out again for another fun night out. Hubby and I danced like we did at our wedding.

On my actual birthday I spoke with several friends from undergrand, law school, and also spent the week opening and reading funny cards, surprise gifts, etc. all for little old me. Again, my friends are the greatest! What a blessing.

THEN (if you can believe it, there's more) we went to Vegas for 3 nights and 4 days of just me and hubby (okay, and a day and a half of a conference for law professors). It was more fun then our honeymoon. Really, it was. We just returned last night so I am still trying to catch my breath and adjust to now a four hour time difference.

When I got home last night the kids were all in their PJs, smelling good and looking adorable. It was the best feeling. I missed them so much! The baby burnt a path on the rug just to get to me. Daughter did her silly dance. Oldest gave me a great big hug. It was the best!

What a blessing. All of it. My husband is the greatest (did I say that already?), my friends and family are the greatest, and my kids are just the best! Thirty is the greatest!


Carol said...

Hwy sounds like you had an excellent time...and it's realy nice to read about it...and hey you can also visit my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometimes for some interesting stuff and cool ideas....i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!!

jessica said...

Wow! That is such a wonderful birthday celebration. What a lovely surprise party too. My friends threw a huge surprise party for me on my birthday. It really made me feel very special. Cheers to you.
You could also peep into my blog on friendship Wishes for a collection of lovely e-cards and info that exemplify the bond of friendship.

Justice Fergie said...

Welcome back! Even thought I've spoken to you every step of the way during your birthday extravaganza, it's stil amazing to see it all in one place!! Your hubby did a FANTASTIC job pampering his FANTASTIC wife. I'm so glad you had a such a great time. (And I love that you remember your 10th birthday party!)'re STILL a princess :-)

Justice Ny said...

Of course I got teary-eyed while reading. DH did a fabulous job. He really put a lot of thought into making your 30th special. I'm glad you had a great time and even more happy that you were able to get out and have fun for almost an entire week!!!!!! Fabulous. Welcome to your thirties...and trust me, it only gets better:) Happy birthday!

Revka said...

Happy birthday, JJ! What a wonderful birthday you enjoyed, and what a fabulously thoughtful husband you have. I wish you all the best in this your 30th year of life.

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