February 02, 2007


It's Friday! Yesssssss. I have the whole day to myself. What should I do? Go shoe shopping? Check out Because I Said So?

Ok, that was fun. I'll start in the kitchen.


Justice Jones said...

Anyone of those things would have taken less than two hours. I say, go for it! You deseve TWO hours a week to yourself!

Justice Fergie said...

Ah but even TWO hours is precious time on my off day Jones!

Here's how it went:

6am - wake up, get kids dressed, fed and out of the house.

7am - clean up kitchen and make and eat breakfast, do laundry

8am - shower and dress; tidy up house and girls' room

9am - check email/blog; go through papers on office desk

10am to 4pm: Safeway; drop off formula at daycare; Target; library; Jiffy Lube; Giant; Trader Joe's

4pm - unpack groceries, do laundry, defrost and prepare dinner

5:30 - everyone's home!

And I didn't even get to run all of the errands that I had planned. So there was no time for me on Friday. But that's ok. I was just happy to have a day to run all those errands! On my next Friday off, I promise to to something for your truly...

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