February 21, 2007

Let's hear it for the Girl

The past few days I have really been just watching my daughter and admiring her. She just really awes me sometimes. Her personality, the new things she just soaks up daily, and did I mention she's just adorable? (See pic.) Besides those things, I've decided what really is amazing me lately is her spirit. She just gives off this vibe that is... electric. I just can't really pinpoint what it is exactly about her that just draws you to her (and it's not just that's she's my precious princess either) but even strangers are drawn to her. She's confident, but not arrogant. She's very personable and finds laughter in everything and is just easy going. She's got a bit of a 'tude sometimes but even then, she's still very nice and lady like about it all. And even though she's just two, I'm inspired by her. I admire her ability to maintain control when she gets upset, her confidence, and mostly the fact that she just loves people and people love her. The right attitude in life is everything.

Life didn't start out so easy for her though and I think maybe that's what gives her some of her strength. She was born six weeks early, which although early, is not that early. Still safe for the most part, even though the baby will likely stay a few days longer in the hospital and likely will need some assistance with breathing or regulating her temperature. Well those were the least of daugther's issues. When she was born, some of her organs were enlarged, her platelets were dangerously low and they suspected she had some damage to her brain. After my c-section, they whisked her away, told hubby their concerns, and I did not see her again for almost 24 hours. When I saw her again, she was hooked up to machines everywhere, had band-aids on both her heels from the numerous blood samples they had taken, and had several I-Vs in her, plus a feeding tube from her nose to her stomach. The doctors predicted things that I can not even repeat. Hubby and I did not tell our friends, extended family or even those who came to visit in the hospital. Only immediate family knew really that Daugther was fighting for her life and future. Only 15 days later we were able to take her home. Cause of her condition, unknown. Prognosis, good. This was really a miracle.
I think her more than rocky start has really shaped her into a person with this magical inner strength and just great attitude on life. A person, despite her little tiny self, that I really truely admire.


Justice Fergie said...

Ok. I've had to delete and re-type my comment twice already because I wanted to find the right words. Who knows if I succeeded, but here goes...

What a beautiful post. It's so touching that you have just been taking time to admire your little one's spirit. Especially with 2 other kids and a job outside of the house! A lot of times in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day we miss these most precious gifts or take them for granted. I will make a note to do more of this.

I also have to say that you and your hubby were/are especially strong to have to go through such a trying time with such a positive attitude and tremendous faith. As your friend, I suspected that your princess was fighting a difficult battle during those first weeks. And so I prayed for all of you. Hard. Now I thank God for your little (big) miracle!

Let's do hear it for the girl :-) And thanks for sharing this post.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I'm sure that her rocky start helped shape her. I feel that way about my W. He was born with a heart defect and had open heart surgery at 5 days old. He endured so much. He has grown to be a child that marches to the tune of his own drum, confident in his ways. And I wouldn't want it any other way!

P.s. Your daughter is not only adorable...she's BEAUTIFUL!

Justice Ny said...

This is post was truly beautiful. It made me cry! You should print this out and save it for DD and share it with her when she's older.

I am absolutely positive that her fighting spirit will make her even stronger as the years go by. I, too, suspected that there were some issues and only much later found out the gravity of the situation and I don't want to sound like an echo, but you are incredibly strong and you should be proud of yourself, because you set a great example for DD.

Justice Jones said...

Mrs. Schmitty,
It's amazing how life works just how it's supposed to isn't it? Your W sounds like he's grown to be a strong little man :)

J. Ny and J.F- Yes, it was tough and too hard to discuss but I knew everyone was praying for us and that's all we wanted. And don't cru because then I'll cry! Thanks for being such great friends - you guys are awesome! :) And I think I will print this and put it in my mommy journal.

Kether said...


(and the inside of your home looks beautiful, too!)

Justice Jones said...

Thanks to everyone that said she's beautiful :))))

tAnYeTTa said...

omg this post really touched my heart. my son was born early as well. loved reading this post. :) so glad i found your blog *crazy hip blog mamas* by the way. i've added you to my bloglines and will return for more! :)

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