February 14, 2007

Sweet Thangs

Yay! It snowed.

Boo! Work is open.

Nice surprise(s) of the day:
Yesterday when I got home (after navigating the ice-laden streets -- fyi, low-profile tires aren't so cute when you're stuck in the middle of the road) there was a snow sled on our front porch decorated with my daughters' names. Turns out it was from one of our neighbors! Very thoughtful and Oldest was ecstatic.

And then, once I got inside, I had a package waiting for me. (Don't you just love getting packages and fun mail?) It was my personalized recipe journal from my sister! I'm sooo excited. And just like that I have the perfect tackle for next Tuesday. Thanks Lisa!!

Not-so-nice surprise of the day:
We were the only parents that had to go to work today so we effectively sabotaged our daycare lady's day of peace and quiet! oops. Hopefully the Valentine's chocolates we gave her will soften the blow.

Well, work is pretty dead so I'll probably be catching up on my blogging today. Sucks Lucky for you!

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a gift from me to you. Go ahead. You deserve it.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Yum, thanks for the treat! Have a happy V-day!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!! The POSSIBILITY of snow FLURRIES here and everything's shut down. LOL Have a good one! Kiss my babies!
Auntie Feesha

Justice Fergie said...

Auntie "Feesha"! You hit that one on the head! lol.

JenMom said...

Just read your question about Young Life on my blog. I was involved as a high school student, then as an adult leader...now we are on committee getting YL started in our town. Feel free to e-mail me with questions at junkanon2002 AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks!

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