February 19, 2007

He IS Human!

This evening I found out that my hubby IS human after all! He is always so good with the kids and the house and work, etc. He rarely complains about anything and always takes things in stride, whether it be meltdown-kick-and-scream temper tantrums or yet another plastic bowl that (I) accidentally melted on the stovetop. But just now, after about 5 solid hours of Oldest's screeching, bouncing, jumping, gibberish screaming and general i-missed-my-afternoon-nap-and-cannot-calm-down antics, he said "Geez [Oldest] you're making me tired. I feel like I need to lay down and take a nap." He said it nicely and didn't raise his voice at all but that was really the first time all day that I'd seen him even remotely exasperated. Funny.

I guess I noticed it because I am always tired and sighing my way through the chaos. I need to take a lesson from him!


Beth said...

Good with kids?? Does housework??
Can I have him?


Justice Fergie said...

Hi Beth!

For $75/hour we can talk.

Hee hee.

Justice Jones said...

It does seem like men have more patience doesn't it?

still standing said...

My husband always acts like anytime he's got the kids for a day or night, that he's basically going to get a butt kickin', but he is ALWAYS suprised at just how good he is at it. I'm not, I know he's great...that's why I married him. ;)

Justice Ny said...

I feel the same way gals. He makes it seem easy. Since I've been back at work, I've been not so patiently waiting for him to be exhausted from having DD during the day. Of course, I'm still waiting. He never seems to be tired of the whining and the screaming and the sometime clingyness that DD exhibits.

When I was home, I could not wait for a chance to breathe....I don't necessarily think he's better at it, but he sure knows how to handle the stress better than me.

Justice Fergie said...

I think it's partly because they know how to tune things out. Take for example when they're watching a football game on tv -- the house could be burning down around them [well, my hubby anyway] and he wouldn't even notice.

Women are naturally more sensitive and nurturing and so our instinct is to tend to our child's every need, request, emotion...which can be very draining. Just a theory :-)

Revka said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful husband. Enjoy him. :)

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