February 09, 2007

Before I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

I just came home from a real-live-grown-up-dinner with a real-live-grown-up and we had real-live-grown-up-drinks and real-live-grown-up conversation! it was refreshing. but, i'll admit, not nearly as fun as having Oldest use my body as a makeshift playground slide.

there's no turning back.

Oh, and Justice Ny -- just when you thought you were not keeping up with your motherly/wifely duties, Chris saves the day! Make sure to read this post gals...it does wonders for the ego.

Nighty night.

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Jen said...

It was really sweet of you to stop by my blog and ask about me. I'm ok--there has been a lot going on and I really do want to blog about it, but I just can't seem to find the time. I hope to get back into the swing of things this week.

I'm enjoying reading your blog!

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