January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things To Explain WHY Our Holiday Cards Have Not Yet Been Sent!

1. I saw this design for a holiday card that I absolutely loved online.
2. That company was charging $3.25 per card.
3. I decided that I could design a similar card myself for a fraction of the price.
4. I did so approximately one month ago.
5. I then asked my Hubby to touch up what I designed since he is, in fact, a software engineer.
6. After several days of harrassing, he finally did.
7. He was tired of me harrassing him about the doggone cards so he said that he "would handle it."
8. This was my mistake.
9. The night before we were to leave for Atlanta for Christmas (about 2 weeks later) he takes the digital file to Ritz Camera to be printed.
10. Their photo printer is broken.
11. I decide this is ridiculous and plan to take care of it myself.
12. The day we are to leave for Atlanta, I leave work early and take the digital file to MotoPhoto.
13. They print the card but the image is cropped.

Ok, there's more than 13 but I need to vent so please indulge me if you would and read on:

14. They can print the image as a super-large card that will not fit in any standard envelope.
15. In any case, they can only print the image in about 4 hours, by which time we will need to be at the airport.
16. We fly to Atlanta and I give up on the card for the time being.
17. Christmas comes and goes.
18. Because of this, I can no longer (seriously) use my cute return labels with my family wearing Santa hats.
19. We return from Atlanta and I decide to upload and order the cards online through Kodak Gallery for in-store pick-up.
20. I go back to Ritz Camera (who assures me over the phone that their printer is working) to pick up my prints.
21. The image is still cropped although I had harrassed Hubby once again to shrink it before placing the online order.
22. Hubby decides to resume "taking care of it" since I am at my wit's end with the darn cards.
23. He takes them back to Ritz Camera after shrinking the image once again.
24. They print successfully!
25. It is now 4 weeks later.
26. Hubby forgets to ask for envelopes.
27. I go to 2 stores today but there are no envelopes to fit a 4x6 photo that aren't business-y looking (you try and find one).
28. I decide that $3.25 per card just might have been worth it.
29. I will locate envelopes and mail my cards tomorrow if it kills me.

Thanks for bearing with!!

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Jill said...

Why don't we go for the easiest way? Hope you have better luck for your next Christmas card!!
My tt is up!

Hen Jen said...

oh goodness! I am so sorry for your frustration, but at the same time I am laughing out loud. The frustrastion and scrambling just seems so familiar to me somehow.

we had a professional photographer come out and take photos of my husband's very large family for thanksgiving. He also took pictures of each family. I received beautiful christmas photo cards from each family...pictures from this photo shoot. We didn't send any. the reason: my 7 year old boy did ear to ear huge, fake, painful smiles in all of them. All as in 25 shots. Couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry.
I figure it will make a cute blog post when I get the time.

happy TT! mine is not up, trying to decide if I should do one at this late date...

Jenny in Ca

Judy Callarman, Scrabble Has-Been said...

Oh, dear, how awful!! I gave up on my Christmas letter and sent out a "holiday letter" yesterday.

Katie S said...

Oh man! How frustrating for you, but I totally understand! For two years, I got as far into sending my christmas cards that I had them in envelopes with the first and last names on them, but just never managed to get the addresses put on. They were never mailed, either year. This year, I finally sent out a handful of cards, but I kept my list bare as could be to ensure no more half-finished tasks!

My tt is up @ http://katia.wild-refuge.net

Le laquet said...

Gosh! What a nightmare. Wasn't there anywhere online to have done this? I had mine done by Truprint in the UK ... great service and not bad envelopes too.

Unknown said...

Great list and all good reasons

JHS said...

Oh, my!

Samantha said...

bless your heart!!

www.JusticeJonesie.com/blog said...

What madness. I can't wait to receive mine!

Raggedy said...

Handing you an "A" for effort.
Your really went through a lot to get it done.
Have a wonderful day!
My TT is posted

Revka said...

That was funny in a feel-your-frustration kind of way! I've been married for 7 years and have yet to get any Christmas cards mailed out. The furthest I have ever gotten was having them all addressed. I don't know why they didn't get mailed that year. I conceded defeat this year and just sent an e-mail greeting to my family and friends. At least you are still mailing yours out. :)

Rachelle said...

hehehe..always expect the unexpected..


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