January 10, 2007

Swiper, No Swiping!

So if you have a toddler or your child was a toddler recently, then you know [and quite possibly hate] Dora the Explorer and her band of misfits [ok, not so much], Diego, Boots, Map and that crafty little sticky fingers, Swiper. Well, Swiper lives in Maryland. How do I know this? Because household items will go randomly missing for days, sometimes weeks, on end and it just doesn't even make sense! For example, where is the star piece of our Baby Einstein playgym that lights up and plays music?? I used to see it all the time. It would show up in our bedroom, in the kitchen, in the office and now that I actually want to find it so that I could loan the playgym to one of my co-workers who is expecting, the doggone thing is nowhere to be found. It's gotta be Swiper. And where is my heart-shaped silver necklace that I wore, like, 3 times? There's only so many places that it could be. Gone. And how about the new toothbrush I bought on Friday that I know I unpacked when I got home from the store but seems to have vanished? S-W-I-P-E-R.

But seriously if you see him on a streetcorner trying to sell you my necklace, will you buy it back from him, please?

Is it just me or has Swiper been to your house too lately?

1 comment:

Revka said...

Not my house; my van. I went grocery/household shopping tonight and also purchased the Celtic Woman CD my husband has been wanting. I got home and was all excited about giving it to him until I realized it was nowhere to be found. They didn't find it back at Target, either, and that was the last copy in the store. I(we) was(were) so disappointed. (sigh)

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