January 02, 2007

Silver Medal Moment...

Isn't it funny how you sometimes start talking like your toddler without realizing it?

Here was the scene in the kitchen this morning:

Oldest: As usual, jumping around the kitchen like she is in training for the trampoline olympics.

Hubby: [In between bites of french toast (that HE MADE!!)] "K...! No Bang! L...'s night night."

Me: Smiling at the sink.

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Justice Ny said...

Very funny....but it's so true. After being at home with DD for the past year, DH believes that I need to go back to school (i.e. elementary school) because I can barely have a conversation....and I'm not even talking about an intelligent conversation, just conversation. My linguistic skills are that of a two year old - shameful, isn't it. But you know what, I'm not sure I would trade this temporary deficiency for anything:)

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