January 26, 2007

Friday Fun

We are going to do things a little differently this week. For each numbered question, list that many things as your answer. For example, 1 thing for #1, 2 things for #2, 3 things for #3, and so on!
1. thing you have done this morning.

  • Prepared for Monday's class- go me for starting early!
2. things you plan to do this weekend.
  • Get these kids out of the house. They've been stuck all week due to the weather.
  • Finish Preparing for Monday's class.

3. things you wish you had.
  • The Jaguar J. Fergie plans to buy her mother.
  • A new wardrobe with matching shoes, handbags and accessories.
  • Really long hair. I'm tired of this same hair style. I've had it for about 10 years. Same length with minor changes in color. Change!

4. celebrity women you think are beautiful.

  • Halle Berry
  • Catherine Zeta Jones
  • Beyonce
  • Alicia Keys

5. celebrity men you find attractive.

  • Boris Kodjoe (yum!)
  • Denzel (no last name needed)
  • George Cloony (no, I don't have a thing for older men).
  • David Beckham
  • Morris Chestnut

6. friends you regularly blog with.

  • J. Fergie
  • J. Ny
  • Revka at the Porch Light
  • ?
  • ?
  • ? (sorry, not that good at remembering everyone)

7. ways you would spend $1 million.

hmm, anyone of these may cost a million dollars....

  • buy homes, rehab them and sell them.
  • pay off student loans
  • Finish 529ks for kids.
  • reinvest 50% of it.
  • buy parents' dream home.
  • buy hubby his dream car (Azure or Phantom).
  • Rent out my house and put down on my dream home.

8. personality traits you think are important.

  • understanding
  • loving
  • caring
  • giving
  • ambitious
  • persevering
  • smart

I like to visit new people so leave a link if you can!



1 comment:

Justice Fergie said...

how could i forget Boris!

my hubby wants an Azure or Phantom too.

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