December 07, 2006

Guilty Conscience...

This morning, as I opened the fridge and saw the thawed chicken breasts that have been sitting on the bottom shelf since 11/26, I realized that I have not cooked a real meal for my family in almost an entire week! Friday, we went out to eat, Saturday we had people over and I made food [does that count?], Sunday we had pizza, Monday we had leftovers from Saturday, Tuesday we had pizza (I know, shameful), and Wednesday I threw frozen hamburger patties on the George Foreman. What has happened to me!? Not to mention, DD usually takes dinner leftovers with her to daycare for lunch, but since there have not been any dinner leftovers, she has had the nutritious menu of Kraft mac n' cheese, PB&J, Chef Boyardee Pasta and leftover fajitas. Bless her heart. Lately, I have just been tired when I get home and not in the mood to cook. Luckily DH hasn't complained.

Am I going to hell? I promise to cook tonight. And to throw away the week-old thawed chicken.

What I need is to do our Dream Dinners at home again. That was great. What do you say J.Ny? Are you up for it again?

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Justice Ny said...

Yes....definitely yes. That worked out so well for me. I cooked the last of five meals two days ago. So, those meals lasted us about one month. Of course, that is very shameful....but it's just the two of us eating. DD doesn't eat that much. So, let me know when you want to get together to get this done.

BTW...are you preggy again? You know that's my diagnosis for extreme fatigue:)

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