December 12, 2006

Concurring opinion?

So....we've finally bought a tree. But why does it seem like we're putting up the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza? Why, oh why, do we have to call in for reinforcements and take a break for a drink every 10 minutes?!?!?!?!?
All, I could think is, that it's just a man thing:)


Justice Fergie said...

You all are too much. Reinforcements? Drink breaks? I guess it's all part of celebrating the season! What does Lady Day think of the tree? My Oldest freaked out last year when we brought it home. She was looking like "WHY IS A TREE INSIDE OF THE HOUSE?" She wouldn't go near it for anything. Which was great since I was worried that she would try to eat/destroy the tree. This year is a different story...

Are you guys feeling the holiday spirit yet? I am just starting to. Which is good considering Christmas is in 12 days! You should have a holiday party J.Ny!

Justice Ny said...

It is funny. She was deathly afraid of the garland that I hung on the staircase. She would not touch it even though I touched it and encouraged her to do the same. Anyway, I was skeptical about the tree because I am/was afraid that she would eat the needles and pull all the decorations off the tree.

She got up this morning and she barely noticed it in the living room. I was not at all pleased -- after all, I was up until wee hours of the morning decorating it -- so I turned on all the tree lights in hope that she would be amazed by the lights. Nothing!!! She didn't even look at it.

So, hopefully she'll not bother it nor the gifts beneath it. Of course, I will not place her gifts (wrapped in Dora paper) until Christmas Eve because then I'll be asking for trouble.

Justice Jones said...

J. Ny, I'm proud of you for setting a goal and completing that goal! You said Wednesday and you did in fact do the tree by Wednesday. I don't remember what the story was for the first tree for the first kid but I think he liked it. I do know that his 3rd Christmas and Birthday and everything else was when it all clicked and he was all about Christmas, Santa, making the cookies, and decorating the trees. So never fear, soon you will have someone lighting a fire underneath your behinds asking "when are we putting up the trees????!!!!!" That's 90% of the reason why mine was up so soon. Since October we've been seeing trees in Target so Chase could not wait.

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