November 13, 2006

MamaLaw #1 - Men should know better

When do we make men accountable for their inadequacies as opposed to just discounting them because they are "just men" and don't know any better?

Ok, I really can't take credit for this timeless question - Justice PJ came up with it. The problem is that she says she "doesn't have the time to blog." But let me tell you..if she can manage taking care of 3 children (all under 5), being a great wife, looking fly, AND teaching a law course, all while nursing...then she can definitely handle (and use) a l'il ol' mommy blogging. Yes, that is a dare chica :)


Justice Fergie said...

Case in point: my DH discovered this morning that he forgot that the car insurance bill was due this week and as a result, the automatic payment went through his account via online banking and our finances are now thrown off for the week. Not a big deal but OH DELILAH! Imagine if that had been ME? It would have been "That's why men should be in charge of the finances..." or "I can't believe you let that happen!" or something equally as annoying. But did I say anything? Nope. Hopefully this doesn't become a man-bashing blog :-) It wasn't our intent. Really.

Justice Fergie said...

Ok. I was on my way to fold the laundry (for real) and I checked my inbox one more time. My "Relationship Tip of the Week" email arrived and the topic is "Men - Making Life Changes." I thought that this was too much of a coincidence not to post it on our blog. It fits right in with our MamaLaw #1! Here is the article:

Night Nite.

Justice Jones said...


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