November 29, 2006

Filing An Appearance...

"Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?"

Ummm, how come none of the other justices are posting? Let me apologize to the MamaLaw readers right away - reading a blog entirely about my life is sure to be mind-numbing. Please stay awake. We'll see if we can't get the other Mamas to post...I know for a fact that they each have tons of excitement going on in their mama lives: a new home purchase-mastitis-job hunting-nanny issues-pregnancy updates - all [hopefully] infinitely more exciting than nursery school waiting lists and artichokes.

[I hope that you took a sec to click on my "Bueller" link - I put in work to find that one!
"...I stay fly. No lie. You'll notice.


Justice Jones said...

I'm actually enjoying reading about your life!! And by the way, I have been responding!!

Justice Fergie said...

Yes, you have been responding with comments - but not posting new posts! I wanna read about your lives too :-)

Justice Jones said...

but yours is so much more interesting :) plus, you know how to add pics, links and all that jazzy stuff.

Justice Fergie said...

Sigh. M'dear, all you have to do is click on New Post. Then type your message. Then, if you want to add a picture, click on the button that looks like a PICTURE. And insert it from your pc just like you would into an email. The same goes for the links. Then click Publish. Couldn't be any easier. No more excuses! :-) Otherwise, it's just my own personal blog and you guys are my readers.

Justice Jones said...

Well, what do you know, adding the links was super easy!! But, I had no success in the picture area. I found some good pics on the web, I copied their url, but it wouldn't work. It kept saying "your pictures are uploading" but nothing ever uploaded. I will try again.

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