May 13, 2006

Meet The Mamas

About the Blog

MamaLaw, launched in 2006, is group blog about “three moms and wives who just happen to be lawyers too.” There is no shortage of funny stories, touching moments, or reasons to rant. Occasionally, we provide a kernel of parenting wisdom. We have had a lot of fun with MamaLaw and over the years, we've received awards and have been repeatedly featured as a top parenting blog. We have been recognized by Southern Living Magazine as their Blog of the Week. We also have been recognized as a top lifestyle blog all over the web, including by the Miami Herald's "The Work/Life Balancing Act" blog and many other respected sites. Most recently, MamaLaw was recognized by the ABA Journal's Blawg Directory as one of their top law blogs, and the Mamas were asked to serve as contributing editors to (a division of The Mamas also contribute articles to The Alpha Mom Guide to Everything and to DC Metro Moms Blog, a division of the hugely popular Silicon Valley Moms Blog Group.

In an exciting turn of events, the Mamas were chosen to be 2009 national spokesbloggers for the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Better U campaign and star in their own talk show called "The Verdict" on MomTV. Finally, in their most successful venture yet, the Mamas founded the Blogalicious Weekend conferences, devoted to celebrating diversity in the blogosphere. Blogalicious quickly took off and led to the formation of Mamalaw Media Group. MMG is the parent company of three ventures largely devoted to raising the profile of women of color online, all while networking, building relationships, and promoting inspiration and success for our blogging community.

Need the perspective of working moms, wives, lawyers, social media personalities, or women of color? The Mamas are available for press interviews, product reviews, speaking engagements and PR outreach opportunities.

Download the MamaLaw Media Kit here.

About the Mamas

Justice Fergie is a full-time working mother of three spunky children, ages 5, 3, and 20 months. She dreamed up the idea for MamaLaw after she was inspired by another group “mommy blog” back in 2006. She summoned up the courage to hit the “publish” button on her very first blog post, and has been seriously smitten with everything “social media” ever since. A self-professed overachiever, Justice Fergie is constantly on the go, whether it be in her role as a practicing attorney, as a wife to her loving hubby of 5 years, as a co-Coordinator of Blogalicious 2009, or as supermom. Two of her most favorite things to do (when painfully separated from her laptop) are to hit the beach and to try out new recipes, both no doubt a result of her Caribbean background. For more on Justice Fergie see her profile.

She also blogs at:

Yahoo! Mother Board

You can reach Justice Fergie at: justicefergie(AT)verizon(DOT)net or @JusticeFergie on Twitter.

Justice Jonesie is one of three bloggers for the group blog, MamaLaw. Balancing a cup of coffee, her three year old son on one hip, and her eight year old’s activity calendar is much easier than helping her five year old daughter pick out something to wear. There is never a dull moment to share on MamaLaw as this Mama wears many shoes- she is an attorney, professor, wife, and co-founder of Blogalicious Weekend Conferences. Jonesie enjoys traveling, dining out, and cooking meals from her Mexican and Haitian origins. When she is not working or chasing after her children, you may find Jonesie and her hubby of nine years at the local hot spot enjoying her favorite 'Tini.

For more on Justice Jonesie see her profile.

You can reach Justice Jonesie at: justicejonesie(AT)hotmail(DOT)com or @JusticeJonesie on Twitter.

Justice Ny is a thirty-something year old attorney/mother/wife/personal assistant/household manager/balancer, born in Trinidad, West Indies. She has been married for 5 1/5 years and has a precocious three-year old daughter. She is relatively new to social media and is learning how to balance work, family, friends and the blogosphere. For more on Justice Ny see her profile.

You can reach Justice Ny at: nyashasmith(AT)hotmail(DOT)com or @JusticeNy on Twitter.

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