March 16, 2007

Better Late Than Never...

Yolanda tagged me for the meme "5 Reasons Why You Blog" (only about 3 weeks ago!) So here goes:

  1. It all started when I came across the blog at Posh Cravings. i emailed Justice Jones and Justice Ny and said "we totally should have done this!" since we were emailing each other back and forth on a regular basis about motherhood, marriage and life in general. Then I started thinking "we still should do this!" I asked my sis (who was the only real live person I knew at the time with a blog) about blogging and she pointed my in the right direction. The rest is history.

  2. I like blogging because it provides you with an outlet. There's something fun about seeing your thoughts in "print." A high-tech diary, if you will.

  3. I also like learning how to use new technologies and with blogging there is always something new and neat to learn. HTML, buttons, memes, carnivals - the list is endless.

  4. I like the interaction that comes with blogging. Building relationships with people you've never met, but that may share like interests or offer a totally different perspective is very cool. Reading comments and participating in blog carnivals are always fun. Each blog is a little window into someone else's life. And let's face it - we're all a bit nosy.

  5. Lastly, I looove the mommy blogging world! I just think it's fabulous. Friendships are formed, tips are shared and new things are learned daily. I also like seeing the force that moms online has become. And the business world has taken notice too (i.e. BlogHer Ads, etc.). Finally, I think blogging is great for those who live in rural communities or places where they feel isolated [even a SAHM in a big city]. Blogging really makes you feel as though you are part of a community.

Now I tag: Susan, Mrs. Schmitty, and The Daring One.

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